LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Former Las Vegas Raider Brandon Parker is using his love of video games to help children learn values and skills like teamwork communication, leadership, and problem solving, through the fun of video games.

Esports has turned into a lucrative and popular business. More than 70 million people watch an esports final, which is more than most traditional sports and has a global fan base of nearly 500 million people, according to Syracuse University.

Parker and his wife, Dominique, are launching an Esports Training facility in Henderson, which is slated to open this November.

Credit: KLAS/Brian Will

They first started on the east coast and now want to bring these facilities to their new home in Las Vegas. They plan to open additional facilities across the valley in the following months after this first one opens.

For more information, visit the Valhallan Esports Training website.