Former Alpine Motel Apartments residents have better idea when items will be returned

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — People who once lived in the Alpine Motel Apartments have a better picture of when they may get their belongings back since that deadly December fire. 8 News Now was able to gather more details about how the process will work.

Sandy Jones was one of the residents who escaped the fire on Dec. 21.

“In the back of my mind, I am still going on a hope and a prayer that my stuff is okay, even though it was on the first floor,” said Jones. “If I can get a little of my stuff back, my rent money that I had stashed would be awesome.”

The building has been boarded up, and Jones is one of the many residents wondering when items will be returned.

A hearing was held Tuesday to figure out when people can gather their items. The attorneys representing former residents and attorneys representing the owner of the Alpine agreed to a process.

The first step is the judge needs to know the fire and Metro investigations are done.

Second, evidence inside the building needs to be preserved, and inspections need to be done by experts.

Third, the asbestos found inside will have to be addressed.

Finally, items will be removed from the building and returned to the residents offsite.

“We have to respect that process,” said Steven Jaffe, attorney for the Alpine owner. “We cannot just let people in and turn things over and alter the scene. There is a step, and it is a process. That is why we brought this here today.”

Robert Eglet, who represents nearly 40 former residents, said they will move as fast as possible.

“We will decide on our joint experts with plaintiffs over the next few days,” stated Eglet.

No official date has been set yet, but Eglet hopes to get items back soon.

“It is hard to say, the best-case scenario is inside of a month,” Eglet noted.

Attorneys hope to have inspection reports done and returned to court within the next week or two.

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