LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro Police are seeing a spike in large pickup truck thefts and are warning Valley pickup truck owners to protect themselves.

Scott Rhodes just got this pickup truck six months ago, he’s one of the many truck owners concerned by a recent rise in thefts across the Valley.

“This is an expensive vehicle, and I’d hate to lose it, ” says Scott Rhodes, owner of a pickup truck.

Metro Police say, large pickups, specifically Ford F-250’s are being stolen.

“If they’re stealing trucks, then you need to be safe, if they see something, they’ll go for that and you never know, the next thing you know, the truck is gone.”

To protect his truck, Rhodes says he removes everything inside, “the only thing you’ll ever see is a Trader Joe’s bag in my car, and if they want to take that and go shopping, go ahead!”

Experts tell us the rise in theft of this type of truck is because pickups are popular and could be stripped for parts.

Sarah Marks, is the owner of Automotive Business Services and says the beds and the engines of these trucks are in high demand.

“That’s a new trend, precipitated by the rising prices of those vehicles,” added Marks.

In addition to simply removing valuables and locking your doors, AAA says you can use extra devices to stop potential thieves. Also, make sure the doors are locked and remember to park in a well-lit lot or garage.

“Those are things like steering wheel locks or even brake pedal locks. You know, alarm systems that contain a decal that you can put on your window,” said Sergio Avila, a spokesperson for AAA Nevada.

As for Rhodes, he says he’s now considering those options.

“If that’s what it’s going to take, I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

The LVMP posted on Facebook and Twitter today warning the community to take steps to secure their trucks with these tips:

  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle
  • Install an anti-theft system if your vehicle doesn’t have one
  • Park in a well-lit area or garage if possible
  • In the event your vehicle is stolen, immediately contact the police to file a stolen vehicle report
  • Report any suspicious activities or persons

If you see any suspicious activities involving large pickup trucks, you are asked to call Metro Police. For emergencies call 9-1-1 and for assistance call (702) 828-3111.