LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Karla and Eileen Enriquez are calling on the Las Vegas community to help locate their missing food truck.

The Amigo Taco Food Truck was stolen on Friday, Dec.10, at 3:30 a.m., from the Amigo Tires lot at Flamingo and Decatur. 

The Enriquez sisters are currently working towards their business degree at UNLV. They manage the food truck to gain valuable experience and to help pay for school. 

“Me and my sister manage the food truck. It’s also an opportunity since we’re business majors, it’s an opportunity to get practice besides internships,” says Karla Enriquez. 

Amigo Taco opened only two months ago, and the team wants to get back to work. 

“We’re upset that they would take from our family and from our local business. We’re just getting started, we’re growing and it’s an opportunity. We’re giving to the community a food spot that they can enjoy with their family and friends. We’re upset that they would take that from us,” says Enriquez.

Surveillance video shows a 1996 to 1999 silver Dodge Ram towing the Amigo Taco Food Truck out of the Amigo Tire lot. The Enriquez family believes this was planned, noting the people responsible broke the lock to their back gate and knew to hook the truck onto their car. 

“We imagine that they have been watching our cooks pick up and drop off here because they knew their schedule and they knew they wouldn’t be here,” says Enriquez.

Right now, the family is waiting for LVMPD to assign a detective to their case. In the meantime, they’ve posted to various social media pages locally and in other states hoping to get the word out. 

“This is just a little step that we have to pass. Fortunately, we have the insurance covered and we are going to start over,” says Bumaro Enriquez, Karla and Eileen’s father. 

Although the family is upset this has happened, they’re hopeful the food truck will be found. 

“While this is a step back in our project and growing into the business community, we take this as an opportunity to grow,” says Karla Enriquez. 

The Enriquez family has filed a report with LVMPD. They’re asking anyone with information on the location of their food truck, or those who have seen it, to contact the police.