LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With many people moving to Southern Nevada many are also trying to start new businesses by rolling out restaurants, which is why more food trucks may be spotted in many local neighborhoods.

Shawn Collins is the co-owner and chef of Shawn’s Puffy Tacos and says he came up with the idea for a food truck after the pandemic started.

“Being able to at phase 1 start with a food truck before an actual restaurant this was a great choice,” Collins explained. “We did real well with the pop-up and decided to buy a truck and we are now on our 13th month in the food truck and everything has gone real well.”

As a chef, Collins says working for himself and creating his own menu has been a dream come true.

“At this month we’re about 1,000 food trucks out there and they are all great,” he added.

Alicia Syberson is the co-owner and marketing expert at Shawn’s Puffy Tacos and tells 8 News Now there is a definitely a culture when it comes to the food truck industry.

“The sky is the limit at this moment,” she expressed. “The food truck industry has become a tight-knit industry and we really like working with one another.”

Aaron Stewart is the owner of the Secret Menu Coffee and says he started his business a year ago.

“Right now it just makes the most sense, you can get stuck with property values going up, you can get stuck in a lease, and you can get a building, and have to pay an enormous amount of money. Whereas you can relatively, inexpensively, you can start a food truck,” Stewart said.

Food truck owners who spoke with 8 News Now say thanks to younger generations they believe they will continue getting more momentum.