Flu season expected to hit early

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Flu season usually kicks off in October but it’s expected to be earlier this year based on what is happening in the Southern Hemisphere.

Australia reports their flu season started two months early and was one of the worst on record. Typically what happens in the Southern Hemisphere is a indicator of what could happen in the Northern Hemisphere. As a result, doctors are encouraging people to get the flu shot as soon as possible.

The vaccine usually takes about two weeks to be effective after the shot is given. This year’s vaccine was updated to make it more effective against fighting the flu.

Doctors say the shot can’t guarantee full protection from the virus but they say it prevents serious cases but the shot has to be given before someone gets sick.

“Some people say ‘I don’t feel well, I feel under the weather literally so I’m going to get the flu shot,’ but that’s already the flu that they have,” said Dr. Albert Levy, general practitioner.

“A lot of people think they’re immune to getting sick or haven’t had an issue with getting sick from the flu. And we just know that it’s a highly infectious disease, and we see it every year and we know that certain people are a little bit more prone to getting the flu,” said Dr. Suchitra Roa, Children’s Hospital.

Among those most at risk are children.

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