LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thursday night’s heavy rain, flooded areas of town however one community told 8 News Now that this has happened more than once and it should not have happened the first time.

When heavy rain first fell and flooded Lora Jolliff’s neighborhood two weeks ago, she said she thought the worst was over but then Thursday night it happened again.

“It was all the way coming up again. I was mortified,” she said.

Jolliff’s neighborhood sits near the corner of Charleston and Spencer where construction to prevent this type of issue has been underway for months.

At a recent meeting with the Las Vegas City Council, the company Las Vegas Paving told residents that mesh was put on the drains to prevent dust from flowing through the tunnels during construction.

“They told us that the mesh coverings that they put on the screenings did not contribute to the flooding of this neighborhood and we all highly disagreed with that statement,” Jolliff added.

For Brooke Oliver who is also a nearby resident, with no reprieve, damage from the two floods has come with a high price.

“From what I’ve heard from the neighbors it’s been pretty close to about 20 thousand or more in damage,” Oliver said.

Residents told 8 News Now they tried to get funding from FEMA for the damage but didn’t qualify.

“It wasn’t enough disaster apparently,” said Jolliff.

Nearby residents said they hope the city acts before another storm causes more damage.

“It just seems really sad that this is somewhat of a lower income area, built a lot longer ago, and it just seems to be a bit forgotten about,” added Oliver.

The construction project is expected to be completed in March of 2024.