LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Over the Christmas holiday weekend, thousands of flights have been either delayed or canceled around the United States as the omicron variant spreads and impacts flight crews.

As of Monday afternoon, Harry Reid International Airport was reporting at least 60 flight cancelations in arrival and departure flights involving various airlines including Allegiant, Spirit, Delta, United, and Alaska.

The cancellations come at the busiest time of the year for air travel. The TSA reports it’s screened millions of people each day of the holiday weekend.

According to Flightaware, which tracks flights around the world, 3,080 flights around the world have been canceled, 1,325 of those are either in or out of the U.S. or within the U.S.

If you are flying, it’s recommended you sign up for text alerts from your airline so you can be notified of any flight changes.

Reid International is also expecting high traffic and is advising travelers to arrive at least two hours prior to a flight departure.