LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A fitness app, popular with walkers and joggers is now also offering a series of new workouts inviting people to walk and jog with their dogs.

The idea comes from New York city based fitness coach Jonathon Carlucci.

“Over last year and a half.. we are all looking for new fitness options,” he says.

Carlucci rescued his dog, Benji, from Puerto Rico and says they work out every day together.

He said he noticed seeing a lot of people post pictures of themselves working out with their pets, and realized other pet owners needed some help leading their pets, not the other way around.

That’s when Carlucci came up with the idea to add pet workouts in with the Cardiocast app, officially called Walk and Jog with your dog. The new workout is based on music.

He says once dogs realize pet owners are on the move, pets will want to be in sync too.,

“We wanted to do something that (a) brought humans and four-legged friends in a more meaningful way and (b) helped maximize time for humans.

During the exercise, there is a coach, helping you with your workout, and guiding you on how to keep your pet engaged at the same time. The workouts are offered weekly, with a variety of options.