LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Around 400 high school students were given an up close look at the dangers imparied driving can lead to dugina crash scene simulation on Monday.

Motor vehicle crashes are the second-leading cause of death among teenagers, with nearly 2,400 deaths recorded in 2019 across the U.S.

UMC’s annual “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose,” event was held at Amplus Academy near Durango and Sunset and gave students in attendance the opportunity to participate in a number of activities designed to promote safety.

First responders stage distracted driving crash scene for students at Amplus Academy. (KLAS)

One of the events included going “under the influence” using special goggles to learn just how little alcohol it takes to become impaired.

Other activities showed teens an up close look at a vehicle extrication demonstration from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and a crash scene simulation from AMR and Medic West.

Mason VanHouweling is the CEO at UMC and believes annual events such as this can help save lives.

“As the only Level I Trauma Center in Nevada, it’s important that we reach out to these students before a wrong choice turns them into a trauma patient,” said VanHouweling.