LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A video of a woman being rescued from an underground wash in North Las Vegas has gotten a lot of attention. The video showed the woman hanging onto a pillar while water rushed around her, demonstrating just how dangerous it is to be in there during monsoon season.

“We saw she was pinned she didn’t have a lot of movement with her arms,” said Captain Travis Grove of the Clark County Fire Department.

The woman was first spotted by North Las Vegas Police near the wash by Commerce and Craig. The water was moving so fast, it pushed her to Losee and Alexander where the rescue took place.

Captain Grove was one of the first to arrive and said despite the rescue efforts there was a good chance this woman would have slipped away.

“When we swung her to the side, she was completely underwater submerged, we weren’t sure if she was still letting go.”

“She could have gone there in turbulent water and we would have lost her forever,” said battalion Chief Ben Erickson, “we would not have found her until days later as a body recovery.”

After the rescue, North Las Vegas Fire evaluated all the flood channels in the area just in case the next storm brings another water rescue

First responders say it is always a danger to be in a wash when it storms because they can fill up fast.