LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s something no one wants to think about but something local emergency agencies have to prepare for a mass casualty event, similar to the 1 October shooting.

On Wednesday, several agencies across Clark County conducted a drill at Southern Hills Hospital, in the event something similar to a mass shooting could occur again.

Minutes after the 2017 shooting, images of people driving themselves or bringing multiple victims in their cars to area hospitals could be seen.

Following the tragedy, medical and emergency responders added a similar scenario to their preparation drill.

During the drill, EMS dispatchers received calls regarding a mass casualty event and then worked with ambulance crews to devise a plan for getting people to local hospitals and preparing for the influx of patients.

Cullen Brown is the chief operating officer at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center and said making sure drills are as true to real scenarios as possible can better prepare crews when facing the real thing.

“We want to make it as real as possible, that way it truly stresses our systems, stresses the county’s system and we can really think through every aspect that may come up in these incidences,” Brown added.

Some of the staff and crew members who participated in the drill also worked the night of 1 October and said while it’s hard thinking about another mass casualty incident happening again, they know this preparation will save lives.