LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An estimated 100 people showed up Tuesday night at the Meadview Civic Association Building in Arizona to discuss ‘concepts’ for the future of marinas and boat launches at Lake Mead with the National Park Service (NPS).

The meetings are being held because of the low water levels at Lake Mead and the predictions that the lake level could drop another 20 to 30 feet this coming year. Some concepts from the NPS include closing marinas, closing concessions, cutting off utilities, and moving marinas to different locations.

The public meeting was the first of four planned meetings held by the NPS over the next week. The next meeting is today (Wednesday) at noon at the Bureau of Reclamation Conference and Training Center in Boulder City.

Meadview resident Randy Glaser attended last night's meeting in Meadview and told 8 News Now it was different than what many expected. The NPS had set up tables around the room each focusing on a single marina or launch and people could walk around and talk with NPS representatives at each table. There was no formal presentation by the NPS at this meeting.

The current options -- or concepts as NPS calls them -- are laid out in a Nov. 2022 NPS newsletter titled, "Sustainable Low Water Access Plan/Environmental Assessment." In it, the NPS details alternative plans for the future of five marinas -- also referred to as boat ramps and boat launches.

The lake officially has six designated launches: Hemenway Harbor, Boulder Harbor, Callville Bay, Echo Bay, Temple Bar, and South Cove. NPS appears to have dropped considering a future for Boulder Harbor and is only focusing on the other five.

Glaser said a representative from Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's office was also there to talk with people and answer questions. Rep. Gosar represents Arizona's 4th Congressional District.

During the public meeting, Glaser said some people in attendance were frustrated that there was not a formal question and answer session and that a single person could take up to 45 minutes talking with the NPS representative while others had to wait.

If anyone is unable to attend a meeting this week, the NPS is encouraging people to submit written comments through this form. It will be available through Dec. 23.

The third meeting will be on Dec. 8 at the Kingman, AZ Office of Tourism.

The final meeting is scheduled for Dec. 14 and will be a virtual (online) meeting (link active during the meeting) beginning at 4 p.m. PDT.