LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Fresa’s Skate Shop is one of the latest additions to the Arts District, turning heads for a lot of reasons.

First, it’s the only skate shop in Nevada with a half-pipe inside the store, according to owners Amanda “Fresa” Ayala and her husband, Hector. Even when the weather’s not cooperating, skaters gotta skate. The half-pipe is a place to teach, practice … and just show everybody what you’ve got.

“We are the first roller skate shop that has this all-inclusive. There’s no one else in the state,” Fresa said. She called the shop a “safe zone” where skaters of any skill level can come to learn.

And it goes way beyond that. If you’re out for First Friday, it’s a must-see at 1300 South Main Street, #140 — just south of Charleston Boulevard. Rentals, lessons and gear.

The store gets a lot of customers who just come for the style, Fresa said. From dazzling colors to Beetlejuice contrast, the racks are full of clothing you can’t find everywhere.

And if the half-pipe is a tourist attraction all its own, the skate wall will inspire dreams of yesterday — or someday. Skates for the street, skates for the floor, and even roller derby skates are for sale in styles that scream for attention. Prices range from $119 to over $700.

“It is a nostalgia thing,” says Cherry Jayne. “I feel like the biggest thing we get, especially when we’re dressed in our tube socks and our ’70s gear, is we see a lot of people that are like, ‘Oh my God. That brings me back.’ “

A tour of the store, courtesy of Cherry Jayne, highlights the art adorning the walls, the repair center, the skate wall, more art, and the spectacle of the half-pipe.

Fresa said businesses downtown are beginning to welcome people who roll up and ask to come in. ReBAR, Tacotarian, Evel Pie and The Smashed Pig are among the places downtown where skaters are welcome, she said.

And while the store is still young, Fresa said Main Street is becoming a very popular place to skate.

“Main Street is for sure a new Venice Beach,” she said.