LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After a media blitz warning the public about enforcement of fireworks restrictions, Metro police report a total of 53 citations issued for illegal fireworks during a two-day crackdown.

Metro says illegal fireworks were confiscated in the 53 incidents.

That’s about half the number of citations reported after July 4, 2019, the last Independence Day celebration before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clark County officials said a total of 14,664 complaints were filed on the website. That mirrors 2019, when more than 14,000 complaints came in. Authorities put a lot of effort into channeling complaints about illegal fireworks through the website, which sends visitors to the Clark County website to make the report.

Backyard fireworks displays have become a common occurrence in Las Vegas, with people spending thousands of dollars to set off their own fireworks — many of them illegal — rather than going to public displays.

The “You Light It, We Write It” campaign appeared to have little impact on private celebrations.

Authorities warned of hefty fines — as high as $10,000 — as they put out the word ahead of the holiday. A fire inspector told 8 News Now on June 28 that 40 inspectors would be part of the safety effort. But none of that translated to an increase in citations over the past two days.

Statistics were released Tuesday after a two-day joint operation involving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Clark County Fire Department and Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

This year, a red flag warning was in place over the July 4 weekend — an indication that fire danger was high. A palm tree ignited due to fireworks in one neighborhood Monday night.

Henderson officials said a total of 336 calls about illegal fireworks came in over a four-day period ending Monday night — and 262 of those calls were on Monday, the July 4 holiday. Ten reports were taken and forwarded to the Henderson City Attorney’s Office.