Jennifer Glover, a former security officer at the Nevada nuclear test site, says she was fired after reporting ongoing sexual harrassment, assault and discrimination.

Attorneys representing her say she suffered ongoing sexual harassment while working at the Nevada National Security Site.

Glover says the harassment started when she was going through training but got worse once she was in the field. She said she made numerous complaints but nothing was done.

The attorney’s have filed two lawsuits in federal court against two government contractors who provide security at the site. One suit involves Glover againstCenterra. The other involves a male co-worker, Gus Redding, against SOC. He says he complained about Glover’s treatment to a supervisor and said nothing was done. He also claims he was retailiated against for defending Glover.

“The culture of retailiation runs deep and that’s what we are trying to stop with these lawsuits,” attorney Jay Ellwanger said. 

Centerra and SOC did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment Monday. The firm said previously it “took appropriate disciplinary action” after Glover made her allegations.

“Definitely stand your ground. Do not let them intimidate you because that’s pretty much all they have is to try to intimidate, take your job, take your money. Just stay strong and definitely stand up because I can’t do this by myself,” Glover said.