LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s one thing to be outside in the summer heat. Imagine running into a burning building.

The Clark County Fire Department trains for it, and more are hoping to join the ranks. The firefighters go through the motions of fighting a fire, in the heat, in full gear.

Fire instructor Justin Turner explained the training cadre is 20 of the department’s best set to teach the new recruits at the end of August, going through the rigors of the firefighting skills course at the Clark County Fire Training Center. 

“It’s important for us to train and prepare for the heat by training in the heat,” said Battalion Chief Tyler Frehner. The equipment is hot and heavy, weighing 65 pounds. Firefighters shoulder the weight while busting open doors, lugging a hose, and during the exercise, they drag a 185-pound dummy. 

“We’re going to add extra engines, and units to make sure they’re hydrated and have shorter work cycles, because it does take a tax on the human being,” Frehner said. He also said they call in at least 10 more firefighters to fight fires in the desert heat.

An air supply tank rests on their backs and an alarm signals when it’s nearly empty. CCFD members say rookie firefighters can burn through air quicker in the heat, and under stress. 

Cadre instructor, Geovanni Hernandez Geraldo said he’s not breaking a sweat over that. “I trained and I prepared for this prior to make sure when I get here, I can perform and do what’s expected of me and my job,” he stated.

Nearly 70 recruits will start their academy on August 21st.