LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An arrest report revealed the timeline leading up to and the cause of the death of a 10-year-old bulldog named Bamboo.

Diego Gonzalez, 36, is facing charges of killing an animal and grand larceny. Police say Gonzalez abducted Bamboo after the dog wandered into the home where he was on a job with his company, Gonzalez Flooring.

On Tuesday, June 7, officers responded to a disturbance call at a southeast valley home. The person who called officers said their dog was stolen and they had a video of men taking the dog.

One of the men was Gonzalez according to police.

When police arrived Gonzalez told them he felt bad that the dog was left alone and asked one of his employees to put the dog in his truck while he worked. He then claimed to have left the dog, later identified as Bamboo, in the neighborhood where he was found saying he feared the dog was microchipped.

Bamboo the bulldog was stolen from his southwest valley home and later found dead in North Las Vegas. (Source: Angelika Schmeing)

According to the report, once Bamboo’s owner, Mohan Gumatay, saw the video of Gonzalez and his employees taking the dog, he called the flooring company and spoke with Gonzalez’s wife, who co-owns the company with him.

When Gonzalez’s wife offered Gumatay $5,000 for the dog, he said he just wanted his dog back. Gonzalez’s wife then asked him, “What if that’s not possible? Would you take money?”

According to the report, when Gonzalez’s wife was asked about the whereabouts of the dog, she said that Gonzalez left Bamboo at a shelter on the east side of town. Gumatay told police he was very suspicious that he got conflicting stories from Gonzalez and his wife on where his dog was.

On Wednesday, June 8, Bamboo’s body was found in a desert field near Abels Lane. A necropsy showed the dog’s cause of death was acute respiratory distress and acute blunt force trauma.

There were signs of trauma on his head, eye, and shoulder. The necropsy report noted that this level of trauma would require significant force because a dog’s skin does not easily bruise and determined the dog died due to human intervention.

Police also collected surveillance video from the area in the northeast valley where Bamboo’s body was found. The timestamp on the video showed the dog’s body was dumped approximately 3 and a half hours after he was abducted.

A map showing the distance between Bamboo’s home on Tranquil Seas Court and where his body was found on Abels Lane.

Other Gonzalez Flooring employees told police Gonzalez decided to take Bamboo because no one showed up looking for him.

When police were questioning Gonzalez he said he “liked the dog and thought his children would enjoy it,” adding that he understood the term “finder’s keepers.”

According to the report, Gonzalez admitted to police he took the dog, but then dropped him off back in the neighborhood because he thought the dog was microchipped.

After police showed Gonzalez the surveillance video of him dumping the dog’s body he changed his story, but this time told police Bamboo had stopped breathing in the back seat of the truck and he decided to leave the dog in a secluded area.

Gonzalez continued to deny injuring or killing Bamboo.

Gonzalez was scheduled to be in court Thursday morning, but it was canceled. He posted a $3,000 bond and has since been released from the Clark County Detention Center. He is scheduled back in court in July.