Filling lungs with love: Grieving widow gifted with new HVAC system

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During the holiday season, we give gifts to show affection, and the presents we unwrap put smiles on our faces and gratitude in our hearts. But some gifts are too big to wrap.

The perfect example is a gift that filled one woman’s heart and her lungs with love. Cathy Schreiber is mourning the loss of her husband of 68 years, Bill. She’s proof the grief of loss can take your breath away.

Cathy and Bill met when they were 4-years-old. He passed away over the summer.

“We went to Sunday school together, grew up in the same school, played in the orchestra together,” she said. “He was quite a prayer man.”

His death drained the air from her life, but it was filled in an unexpected way.

“It’s probably one of the best gifts we could ever receive,” she said. “We know it comes from the Lord.”

Schreiber always appreciated her late husband’s home repairs, but there was major deferred maintenance as there were things he couldn’t do on his own. One job in particular was the HVAC system. It just didn’t work. Her family called Stephen Gamst at Goettl Air Conditioning.

“We install a lot of air conditioners for money,” he noted, “this one counts more.”

The cost to fix Schreiber’s system was $22,000.

“You could just tell that was a huge strain,” remembered Gamst. “You could see in their eyes, they truly needed help.”

Schreiber reflected on calling on the Lord for help, “I said father, it’s you and me. Now, you said in your word you would take care of us. That’s what I’m depending on.”

Gamst answered her prayers.

“I pulled my girlfriend aside and said, ‘watch this! This is going to be great.'”

Goettl agreed to install the entire system for free.

“There’s nothing more important than what we’re doing today. That’s it,” he stated.

It’s what Schreiber prayed for, and it’s a reminder Bill is always around to help. It lets her breathe again.

“To receive this beautiful gift in the holiday season. It’s more than what I have worked for.”

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