FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Toddler shows off baby boxing skills on scary Halloween decoration

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Fight or flight! It’s an instinct we all have when we feel frightened, but it’s not just an instinct for adults: Toddlers seem to have it too. Well, at least Charlie did.

The 3-year-old showed he had punches that could rival any boxing toddler when he was caught off guard and scared by an animatronic spider. The spider was part of a Halloween display at a store when it startled the little boy.

The child’s father, Frank McCormick posted the video to Facebook.
The video starts with Charlie looking at the spider very inquisitively as he pet it before it jumped out, scaring him.

Right after that, it was on! Charlie didn’t ask any questions; he just started swinging and throwing punches. His parents laughed in the background before jumping in to stop the fierce toddler by saying, “Charlie, it’s ok.”

But dad’s efforts weren’t met with resistance, as Charlie proclaimed, “I’m going to hit it!” Charlie doesn’t take any mess from anyone, not even a giant stuffed spider!

Since McCormick posted the hilarious video of his son, it has gone viral! It has been shared more than 749,000 times on Facebook and received more than 239,000 comments.

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