Fight at Legacy High School, 2 students arrested

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Two Legacy High School students have been arrested and five were issued criminal citations following a fight at the school Friday morning, according to Clark County School District Police.

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The fight involved a total of 10 students and occurred around 10:15 a.m., CCSDPD Officer Darnell Couthen said. Pepper spray was used to break up the brawl.

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Students told 8 News NOW that tensions had been building between two groups of students for days now.   

Police said the brawl broke out in the hallways of the school right as the bell rang.

“There was just a big commotion like loud noises, a whole bunch of people screaming,” said Davonte Bryant, a senior at Legacy High School.

“Everyone kind of split up and there was a big gap, and they were just fighting,” said Daniel Gomez, a senior at Legacy High School. “People were getting stomped on.

In one of the videos of the brawl that was given to 8 News NOW by a student, you can see students get up from the floor as a school police officer raises what looks like pepper spray.  In the corner, two other students can be seen embracing.

According to Clark County School District Police, two students were arrested, and five were issued criminal citations. 

“There was stuff going on everywhere, and the police brought out the pepper spray, so I ran to class,” Davonte said.

“I moved back because I was kind of expecting something to come up with a knife or a gun, Daniel said.

Darlene Melendez, Reporter: ” Did it seem like anyone got hurt? 
Daniel: “Yah someone was bleeding; he was bleeding in the back of his head.

There was a large police presence as students were dismissed from classes Friday afternoon.

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