LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Extreme winds caused significant cancellations across the valley on Saturday from the Las Vegas Brew Fest to the long-awaited When We Were Young music festival.

Joan Thompson says she is looking forward to the cooler temperatures that the winds are bringing in but agrees that Saturday’s high winds caused a mess for many.

“All of a sudden, boom. You get the wind and then the next day the cold is here,” said Thompson.

Trees have fallen causing blocked roadways and many people are having to escape the outdoors due to flying dust and debris.

On the Strip, many fans are disappointed due to the When We Were Young music festival that was set to debut for the first time Saturday, being abruptly canceled due to severe wind.

“We got some reports yesterday that this might happen so we were crossing our fingers last night that the show wouldn’t get canceled,” said festival ticketholder, Lance Puckett.

“I’m sad! These are bands that we have been wanting to listen to since we were 12,” said another ticketholder, Sandra Valencia.

However, once the news broke of Saturday’s cancellation, some of the headlining bands decided to take matters into their own hands. They made the best out of the situation by still playing for their fans.

Headlining band All American Rejects exclusively told 8 News Now what it means to them to still be able to play for the masses even in a smaller more intimate setting.

“The is Las Vegas, this is the Arts District and this is where musicians come and cut their teeth so the fact that we get to set up here feels like the All American Rejects,” said All American Rejects lead vocalist, Tyson Ritter.

As for Sunday’s show, it is still set to happen at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, according to officials.

Those who bought tickets for Saturday’s show will receive a refund within 30 days.