LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers said fentanyl deaths have been on the rise.

As of Monday, officers responded to six overdose deaths in the past 36 hours, four of those deaths were connected to fentanyl.

As a recovering drug addict, DJ Uch knows the destruction drugs have on someone’s life and the people in it.

“I probably have taken cocaine with fentanyl at times in my life and didn’t know it and by the grace of God I’m here to talk to you about it,” said Uch. “Please if you’re out there, give it a rest because you don’t know what’s in those drugs these days and it can cost your life.”

Last month police also rushed in to save three people on the brink of death due to fentanyl and officers didn’t hesitate to jump into action.

“When I did get inside room 16, there was a citizen inside there and she relayed the information saying that these three individuals were doing what they thought was cocaine, which ended up being fentanyl,” said Officer Clapp.

According to the Clark County Coroner’s Office, there were 150 women and 261 men who died from opioid-related deaths in 2021, a majority were accidental deaths.

From January to August 2022, there were 87 women and 156 men died from opioid-related deaths.

Dr. Timothy Jeider a psychiatrist with Nevada Mental Health, is seeing higher fentanyl cases in the clients he’s treating.

“We are seeing more fentanyl come through as things people are on, there’s a lot of surprises,” said Dr. Jeider. “There’s a good portion who didn’t realize what was happening and that got them into trouble with other people. It’s a more potent drug and they’re chasing that higher high and there are people having specific fentanyl issues after trying to use that particular drug.”

Dr. Jeider said there are many treatment options available regardless of a person’s inability to pay as saving a life is always the primary objective.

“There are tons of resources in this valley where there are rehab programs, outpatient clinics, lots of support services and a lot of them are driven through nonprofits,” explained Dr. Jeider. “Nevada Mental Health is one of those agencies in town who provides resources for substance abuse treatment, we work closely with healthy minds as an intensive substance use program, it’s also tied in with drug court, so we have community members who want those services so there are tons of options for all walks of life.”