FedEx driver says he was randomly attacked while making delivery; man threw rock through window

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Stephen Hanson can’t move the left side of his face. He can’t even chew, but he says he can still smile. So, according to him, not all is lost. 

Hanson has been a FedEx driver for the past 35 years. Last week, he says he was attacked while making a routine delivery near Philadelphia Avenue. and Commerce Street.

According to Hanson, the suspect was about 6-feet-3-inches-tall, and he was standing in the middle of the road. Hanson noticed that he had an aggressive demeanor. Then, he reportedly threw a rock through his window. 

“Compared to what I looked like to what I look like now, I think the healing process has really gone by fast,” Hanson said.

The rock shattered his left orbital socket. He also suffered multiple fractures.

“You’re just totally shocked,” according to Hanson. “You go ‘What in the world just happened?’ Immediately, I just told myself, ‘Just don’t pass out. Don’t pass out.'”

Metro Police say they are investigating the attack. 

“I felt pity. I said ‘What in the world happened to that man that his heart would turn so dark that he would just want to take it out on just anybody that happened to be there with the intent to really hurt them bad,” Hanson asked?

Hanson’s next surgery is on Sunday. He said that once he heals, he plans to go back to his job.

“Everyday is a blessing. I have a lot to live for,” said Hanson.

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