FedEx driver helps customer by shoveling before delivery

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MANISTIQUE, Mich. (WJMN) — One Upper Peninsula FedEx employee’s act of kindness went viral last month and on Monday, the homeowner got to thank him.

“I came to the door, I realized the place had been plowed out and the so-called stoop is basically a cement pad covered by an awning and I noticed that there was some snow pushed up against the door and that was the best place to keep that package so it would actually be dry and safe and out of the elements. So I just grabbed the shovel and I cleared it as best as I could,” said Mel Marlett.

To Mel Marlett, a FedEx employee for 23 years, this was just another day of deliveries. He didn’t think much of it, but Jodi LaFreniere, the homeowner, thought otherwise.

Jodi LaFreniere, Kindergarten Teacher, Emerald Elementary: “He just went beyond what he had to do and I believe that he was saying that if you put good out, you’ll get good back and you don’t do good just because you want some kind of acknowledgment of it, but you do good because it’s the right thing to do.”

Jodi was at work when she got a notification from her Ring security system. After class, she watched Mel shovel her stoop out and thought it was an incredible act of kindness. So much so she had to share it on her Facebook. Next thing you know, her post went viral. It started off local, then went National.

From People Magazine to being aired on CNN, people appreciated Mel’s gesture.

Marlett, FedEx Employee for 23 years said, “I always thought, if you do the job right, you have a limited ability of getting it wrong, but if you got it wrong, just go ahead and own up to your mistake, learn from it, and then continue on and if you find yourself struggling, put your hand on your back and give it an extra push and I gave it an extra push and this time someone really noticed in a big way.”

“I’m just surprised at, he’s so humble. Like he thanked us for this experience and it’s like no, you did the act of kindness. I just thanked you on a social media platform,” said LaFreniere.

This just shows that a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

“I think it just touched a lot of people’s lives, which I had no intention of doing that, I just wanted to thank him. I thankful that others got something out it,” said LaFreniere.

“I got thanked in a pretty big way I can tell you that. When the world actually knows that I’ve done something in Manistique, Michigan, it’s like, hmm I guess,” said Marlett.

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