LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man and his son are facing charges after a cat was shot dead in the backyard of a home in the northwest valley on Wednesday night.

Police responded to a report of a gunshot at about 9 p.m. in the 8800 block of Saxon Canyon Street, near Shadow Ridge High School. Officers spoke to Karl Garcia as he returned home, and after initially denying that he knew about the gunshot, he opened up to officers when they asked if they could look in his backyard, according to an arrest report.

After an investigation, Garcia was booked on charges of willful/malicious killing of a cat, conspiracy to kill another person’s animal and concealing evidence.

Garcia told police that a cat had been in his backyard and it had attacked his dog. Garcia said he had shot the cat with a BB gun and then a .22 caliber handgun. Garcia’s son, Logan, said he had been involved, according to the arrest report.

Logan Garcia was booked on charges of conspiracy to kill another person’s animal and concealing evidence.

Although both were cooperative, Karl Garcia became agitated when his son was taken into custody, claiming that he was responsible, not Logan.

Further investigation revealed video recordings from a Ring camera in the backyard, which officers viewed with the cooperation of Karl Garcia’s wife, Hollee.

Dogs had been let out into the backyard and had immediately surrounded a cat, which officers later identified as a neighbor’s gray and white housecat. It was named Taco.

The cat might have scratched the Garcias’ chocolate lab, named Cola, but Logan Garcia’s efforts to get the cat out of the yard were unsuccessful, and he resorted to swinging a blanket at the cat, hitting it several times and knocking it into a spa in the yard.

The arrest report describing the video does not indicate that there was any effort to get the dogs away from the cat.

“The fourth (video clip) continues to show Taco on the edge of the spa with the canines barking. Logan gets a phone call and speaks about the cat refusing to leave. The dogs begin to bark loudly so parts of the vconfersation are missed but he speaks about the cat getting muddy footprints on the pool deck and speaks about grabbing a cord.”

Shortly after that, video shows Karl Garcia standing over the can, “pumping the BB gun and firing it into Taco at close range. Logan is walking around with the baseball bat. Karl then says he is going to get his .22,” according to police.

Karl Garcia told police that he shot the cat with the .22 and disposed of it in a dumpster nearby “so their trash would not stink,” according to the arrest report.

Karl Garcia, who is from 41-42 years old, and Logan Garcia, from 23-24 years old, — their exact ages were not provided by police — were released without bail and are expected in court next month.