LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Bobby Smith, 45, a pastor at New Beginnings Ministries in North Las Vegas was arrested on charges of sexual assault and child abuse. A father of one of Smith’s victims spoke with 8 News Now about their experience.

According to the father, his daughter was sexually assaulted by Smith 10 years ago and was thrown out of the church after confronting the pastor about it.

New Beginnings Ministries (Credit: KLAS)

“I was in leadership in the church. I was a deacon and once my daughter told me her side of the story and my wife told me, I cried like a baby, and then it turned into rage,” the victim’s father said.

The father also said that several people within the church knew about Smith’s discretion and did nothing about it.

“As a father, I feel like I let her down,” the father added. “I took her to church; I went there first as a man and then went home to my family saying we need God and then they took advantage of us. They took advantage of our trust!” said the victim’s father.

Smith was arrested on Friday after a victim came forward in February and told police she has been sexually assaulted in 2021 when she was a minor.

According to Smith’s arrest report, he has allegations dating back to 2012.

Smith is currently out on bail and is set to appear in court in November.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline can be reached at 1-800-656-4673. Nevada’s Signs of HOPE Rape Crisis Hotline can be reached at 702-366-1640.