NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The future of more than 40 dogs is up in the air after they were found at a home in North Las Vegas Tuesday. Fire crews came across the animals, while rescuing two people from a house fire near MLK and Cheyenne. As Orko Manna reports, there are questions about what went on in that house and what will happen to the dogs.

The 41 dogs are now here at the animal foundation and in good condition. While North Las Vegas Police and animal control continue to investigate, animal advocates tell us they know exactly what’s going on.

Rebecca Anderson works closely with dogs, and despite officials saying these precious pups show no signs of neglect, she’s still concerned by the sheer size of the group.

“That’s definitely way exceeding the amount,” said Rebecca Anderson of Home for Spot Animal Rescue “They need to be socialized, exercised, everything makes a rounded dog, and you can’t do that with 40. There’s no way.”

According to North Las Vegas code, only three dogs are allowed at any one residence. You can apply for a “dog fancier permit,” but that only raises the limit to six dogs per home. The city says there have never been any animal-related complaints at the home. And while they have not yet confirmed this as a case of hoarding or backyard breeding, Anderson has come to her own conclusion.

“I would classify it definitely as a hoarding situation. It does look to me like it would be a backyard breeder,” Anderson said. “They are very highly desirable dogs, and you can get quite a penny for those.”

So now, what will happen to the dogs?

The Animal Foundation says the dogs are on an indefinite regulation hold, and it’s unclear if or when they’ll become available for adoption. Officials say if people come forward to claim the dogs, misdemeanor charges may be possible. So far, no one has claimed them.