LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Those hoping for another wet winter in southern Nevada are finding good news in the latest report from a favorite forecaster.

“The BRRR Is Back!” That’s according to the Farmers’ Almanac winter 2024 extended weather forecast. The report indicates that an El Niño could bring rainfall to the Southwest region of the United States, should it develop.

“Should an El Niño materialize, it could direct the subtropical jet stream into California, translating into copious amounts of rain and snow across the entire Southwest,” said the report.

The wet winter from 2022 leading into 2023 is still proving beneficial for water levels at Lake Mead, as a consistent flow of water from Lake Powell has precipitated a 3-foot rise in the lake since early July — and a total of more than 18 feet since late April. Lake Mead stands at approximately one-third of its capacity.

“The second week of January will be stormy, snowy, and wet for both the Pacific Coast and the Eastern States,” the report says.

The Farmers’ Almanac claims to be 80% accurate with its forecasts, although research shows only about half of the forecasts produced by the Farmers’ Almanac were correct. The report relies on secret formulas to create their predictions.