LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Allegiant Stadium packed the house with over 61,000 fans in attendance for the CONCACAF Gold Cup final on Sunday. The sporting event was the largest soccer attendance in the history of Nevada. It came with some traffic woes, but parking was no better.

“Real rough, it’s real rough,” said Trey Devon. “I can’t even find parking right now and it shouldn’t be like that at all.”

“We are just trying to find a parking place right now,” shared Fernando Lopez. “It’s kind of far and everything is taken up so we’re just going to walk there,” he said.

From not enough staff to handle the traffic flow to cars cutting in line and ignoring the detour signs, it wasn’t easy getting to the game.

Soccer fan, Nick Duarte said he knew traffic would be chaotic, so that’s why he took an Uber.

“I had a feeling traffic would be horrible and parking as well,” Duarte shared with 8 News Now.

Local businesses around the area took advantage of the lack of parking and offered spots of their own — for a price.

Video Courtesy: Mariana Lomeli

“I’m a PSL ticket holder, but I guess I didn’t get my tickets in time, so now we have to park elsewhere,” Jonathan Tomorrow said. “I parked over at the Crazy Horse, which costs $100. I guess if you want to come see the game, you’re going to do whatever it costs.”

Overall, almost everyone we spoke to said, come this fall, they hope the organization of the stadium improves.

“The closer the parking, the more expensive it’s going to get,” Rachelle Upshaw told 8 News Now. “If you buy tickets, you shouldn’t have to pay so much extra for the parking in addition.”