Family’s fun time turns to frantic activity under distance learning

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s the second week of school for Clark County and some families are really struggling with distance learning. Meet a local mom and dad with four young children who say they’re hoping for a Plan B very soon.

Alessio and Christina Giacobbone are helping their kids learn at home. Their four boys are ages 8, 5, 4 and 1.

“Yes, all boys. All boys,” Christina says as a baby cries in the background.

Distance learning during a pandemic is not what they had envisioned when they decided to have a big family.

“It’s a lot of running around!” Christina says as she shuttles between the boys.

“The first hour is usually pretty calm because they’re excited to see the teachers. You know, and then this one needs help, this one needs help, THIS one needs help and you’re holding the baby trying to keep the baby quiet and … it’s a lot of running around.”

The couple each work different schedules, so they’re rarely home together during the day. Alessio says his wife is a saint, but it’s very stressful.

“Me, I’m off on Tuesdays and Sundays and I just can’t handle it. It’s a lot,” he says.

“What’s another word for hard work?” Christina asks.

And hard work is what Christina says fun learning and relaxing famly time has now turned into.

“It’s, get on the computer, let’s go, clap, clap,” she says. “It’s, hello, hi, we gotta get back on. So it’s playing that catch-up. Those days are the worst.”

“They cry — they don’t want to do it.”

And not all of it gets done. Christina says she knows other moms — even teachers — are pleading for a better day.

“I’m not going to give up because I don’t want to show my kids — when things are tough — just give up,” Christina says.

“We do what we can until we all start feeling the buildup. We’re all getting ready to lose it, then we’re done — we’re done.”

The Giacobbones suggest maybe a split day of half the students in the classroom for three hours, then switch to send the kids home with homework, no lunch or recess.

They’re hopeful there can be a new plan soon to take the stress off families like theirs and so many others.

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