LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A local family is asking for the public’s help after their house was broken into, thousands of dollars worth of items stolen, and their puppy missing.

It has almost been a week since someone broke into the Gonda family’s home. Now with the help of police and video footage, they hope that their missing puppy will be brought home safely.

“We just got the dog and haven’t even given him a name yet, everything is gone,” said Eric Gonda.

On Sept. 21, Gonda’s roommate came home to find the home in shambles. His room was torn up from the closest to the drawers, everything was ransacked.

“They took a lot of memorabilia and $5,000 in cash that I was saving to go on a vacation trip,” said Gonda.

The whole burglary was caught on camera from a neighbor’s house across the street as the culprits broke into the Gonda’s home through their side window.

The video footage also showed that they spent a decent amount of time inside the home before leaving.

“We saw the bag as the guy was running out, and you could see as they got to the car, the bag was moving,” said Gonda. “We also have another dog in there, who we think is traumatized because we think they used a broomstick to hit him.”

(Credit: Eric Gonda)

Gonda’s wife Andre says she is fearful for what is next and that being home just does not feel safe anymore.

“I had to lock my bedroom door because I don’t know if they are going to come back,” said Andrea. “I don’t know why they picked us it targeted us. I’m not going to let anyone run me out of my house.”

Metro police have told 8 News Now that this is currently an ongoing investigation.

If you know anything that may help the police, you are urged to call crime stoppers at (702) 385-5555