Family responds to Metro body cam video after man dies in custody

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Bodycam footage shows Sunday’s altercation between 65-year-old Roy Scott and two police officers. In the video, Scott repeatedly tells police to leave him alone as officers Kyle Smith and Theodore Huntsman try to calm him down.

The Clark County Coroner said Scott died in an accidental death from methamphetamine intoxication, other significant conditions, paranoid schizophrenia, hypertensive cardiovascular disease.


“They took him by the arms, he went to the ground, he was not forced to the ground,” said Deputy Chief Chris Jones. “There was a struggle. You can see that he was fighting the officers in an attempt to not be placed in handcuffs. But, I can tell you, just by viewing the video that minimum amount of force was used.”

Metro police believe Scott was experiencing excited delirium.

“He had mental illness but he shouldn’t be dead right now because of it,” said Rochelle Scott, Roy Scott’s daughter. 

Rochelle Scott said her father had a long history of mental health problems.

“You could tell his heart was racing. He was scared and all he kept saying was don’t do this. Don’t do that,” said family member Rebecca Switzer.

Scott’s family believes there’s a larger conversation to be had. One that deals with the unique stresses of handling a situation with a person who has a mental illness. But, Metro police say both officers acted appropriately.

“Excited delirium is basically a phenomenon that presents both psychologically and physiologically where people experience schizophrenia, paranoia, agitation, delirium,” said Jones.

Excited delirium may cause high body temperature and it can lead to sudden death.

“They were dealing with someone who was basically having a bad day. We all have them but some of us have it worse than others,” said family member Dontee Hudson. “But, this time it cost a person’s life. His bad day cost him his life and he was trying to get help.”

Police say both officers are trained in crisis intervention. They are on administrative leave.

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