Family pleads ‘not guilty’ in boy’s accidental shooting

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Five members of the same family were in a North Las Vegas courtroom Monday morning. They face charges in the accidental shooting that injured a young boy.

Metro Police say the 3-year-old accidentally got ahold of his mother’s gun and shot himself in the head in Nov. 2018. The boy is on the road to recovery now but his family members were in court for their arraignment on a long list of charges. They all pleaded not guilty to charges of abuse, neglect or endangerment.

Earlier this month, police arrested the boy’s parents, Liza and Richard Haut, his grandparents, Marvin and Rackell Haut and his uncle Joshua Haut. They all lived at the same home in North Las Vegas.

In an arrest report, police said they found 17 unsecured firearms in the house and almost all of them were located where three children in the house could reach them with little effort. Police believe the boy got a pistol from his mother’s purse and accidentally shot himself.

The Haut’s attorney says the family is not at fault.

“It’s clearly a tragedy that the boy was injured with his mother’s gun, but as I see it right now, I just don’t see that a crime has been committed. I think this case has 2nd Amendment implications and we’re going to base our defense on that,” said Michael Gowdey, defense attorney.

He says the state of Nevada doesn’t have a law that requires guns to be locked up a certain way and as far as the 17 firearms go, he doesn’t believe they were just lying around the home. The family is due back in court on June 3 for a preliminary hearing.

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