LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Walter “Junior” Hidalgo was shot and killed inside a home while with his friends on Thursday evening. The 15-year-old’s family is now looking for answers as to what happened.

“None of us were ready for this, none of us were ready for it. It’s not expected,” said Jorge Gomez, Hidalgo’s older brother.

Gomez said his 15-year-old brother had gone to an apparent friend’s house after school before the shooting.

“Everybody was at work, everybody was doing their normal thing,” said Gomez.

Police say the shooting happened inside a house on Coleman Street near Alexander Road and Simmons Street.

“Medical personnel did arrive on scene and the male juvenile did succumb to his injuries and was announced dead on scene,” said Alex Cuevas, North Las Vegas Police.

Hidalgo’s death shocked his neighbors who say he was a wonderful kid.

“Those kids are very respectful that live there. Wonderful kids. It’s always yes ma’am no ma’am, you know whoever is talking to them. So we’ve never had no problems so I don’t what happened,” said neighbor Denise Jones.

The family says that the lack of answers is causing overwhelming pain for them.

“It’s so hard, it breaks my heart,” said Walter Hidalgo Sr, Hidalgo’s father.

This is still an ongoing investigation. If you have any information regarding this case contact Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 or contact LVMPD.