LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The family of a man stabbed more than 20 times in downtown Las Vegas is upset over how the murder case has played out in the criminal justice system.

Jeremy Garrett took a plea deal in March in the death of Marco Hornsby, according to court records. His sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday in Clark County District Court.

The Hornsby family described the as a miscarriage of justice.

“I feel like I have been cheated, even the community,” Howard Hornsby, Marco’s father, said. “This person, if he does it then everybody else is going to start doing the same thing, trying to learn to beat the system to get back out.”

Howard described his son Marco as a father of four who loved his children.

On May 8th, Marco would’ve turned 39 years old. Instead of a day of celebration, his family is preparing for grief.

“I can’t even call him and tell him happy birthday,” His son Jodi said. “Every day is getting harder. But we will get justice for this. We’re not going to let this go.”

Garrett was arrested on Jan. 9 for open murder. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, the crime happened on Nov. 23, 2022, at an apartment near Maryland Parkway and Bonanza Road.

Hornsby’s family said Marco was stabbed more than 20 times. Investigators said Garrett and Marco were fighting right before the stabbing.

Yet a nagging question that pesters the Hornsby family is why did it turn deadly?

“That’s all I want to know is why?” Jodi said. “If you can’t fight, that’s okay. Just walk away. You don’t have to take another man’s life.”

His grandfather Howard Hornsby interjects, “He’s right. If you can’t beat him, walk away. Why can’t you just walk away?”

Garrett entered a guilty plea for voluntary manslaughter, according to court records, and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Online court records show Garrett is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday at 9 am.