LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Tomas family and Las Vegas biking community are pleading for answers from Nevada State Police and the community after the hit-and-run that killed one of their own Wednesday night.

Family and police identify the victim as 27-year-old Tony Tomas of Las Vegas. The motorcycle crash occurred around 9 pm Wednesday night at Durango and the 215, where officials said he was traveling at “a high rate of speed” before colliding with a white utility van on the westbound offramp.

State Police say the driver of the van did not stop following the collision. According to Tony’s mother and sister, Ginger Patterson and Samantha Tomas, first responders did not arrive for nearly 20 minutes after first reported.

Instead, his relatives say a different driver found Tony’s body in the middle of the offramp struggling to breath.

“They stayed with my son until he took his last breath,” Patterson said through heavy sighs while sitting on the front porch of her home Friday evening. “Had (the driver) pulled over, rendered aid, you know, that one minute could have saved his life. The hospital’s a minute away,”

Patterson and Samantha say they were at the scene for hours before watching his body be taken away.

“I’m asking, you know, is he alive? And (law enforcement) just looked at me, just stared at me with blank faces,” Patterson said through heavy sighs while sitting on the front porch of her home Friday evening.

Tony’s condition at the scene is far from what family and friends remember him as. Samantha describes her younger brother as “light” with the “aloha spirit” who aspired to ride his motorcycle professionally while working as a solar installer.

“He touched (people’s) souls so much that everybody considered him blood,” Samantha said, sitting next to her mother outside her home.

“I don’t know how many mothers and fathers he has, but he has a lot,” her mother added with a slight chuckle.

Beyond his daughter, stepson, and other family, Tony leaves behind the biking community who he spent much of his free time riding with, says Samantha. Over 40 of them gathered at the scene of the crash Thursday night to remember him.

“He was free, and that’s the only thing that brings me comfort, knowing he died doing something he loved,” Patterson said while wiping away tears.

A big man with a big heart: everyone who knew him remained clueless about how the accident specifically happened and who the other driver is, making their grief two-fold.

“We don’t even know if the person if he was drunk,” Samantha said through tears. “Seriously, like, he was a kind person. He didn’t deserve this.”

The only video evidence Nevada State Police have is from near the intersection of Elkhorn and Gran Montecito. It shows the suspected van, with damages to the back right side, driving past. Other than that, investigators are at a loss and Tony’s family is left pleading for answers.

“Please turn yourself in. I will forgive you. Turn yourself in. I will ask the courts to lower your sentence. Just turn yourself in, please. Step up, be a man, be a woman, whatever you are,” Patterson said while tears slid down her cheeks.

“If it was their family member, you would want the same,” Samantha added before embracing her mother. “Braddah, I love you. You’re always going to be my twin.”

Regardless if a suspect is ever found, the Tomas family hopes this incident will encourage reckless drivers to be safer and more alert on the road. They’ve also created a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses.

Nevada State Police asks anyone with information regarding the crash or who has potentially seen the suspected white utility van to contact the department at *647, or *NHS. Those wanting to do so anonymously can by calling Crime Stoppers of Nevada at 702-385-5555.