Family members worry as Hurricane Lane approaches Hawaii

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Quite a few people in the Las Vegas valley have ties with people in Hawaii. 8 News Now spoke with one woman whose family is hunkering down in Maui as they prepare for Hurricane Lane.

As the storm inches closer to Hawaii, people in Hawaii prepare for the worst. Elishah Quiocho watches it all unfold from Las Vegas.

“Once I saw on social media that it hit stage 5, I was like OK, maybe this is getting a a little bit serious,”

She’s checking in constantly as her whole family hunkers down in Honolulu and Maui. She talks with her mother on Face Time.

Her mom, Moani, shared her surroundings in the calm before the hurricane 

“As I’m talking to you, the emergency alert goes off.”

She says, stores and gas stations are packed, as everyone stocks up.

“The only Costco we have on Maui, it was so packed, parking lots were completely filled, gas lines were forever long, and there were people actually standing outside the store in the rain waiting to get in, because Costco had reached max capacity.”

They have water, non-perishable food, a land-line phone and butane stoves in case they have to go days or weeks without electricity.

“For us we’ve got three cases of water and four cases of soda and we have a case of Spam. That’s more than enough to last us for two weeks for the worst case scenario,” Moani said.

All to plan for the unpredictable.

The hurricane has since been downgraded to a category 4, but is still considered dangerous.

“It’s the calm before the storm. So, it’s kind of hard to prepare yourself for what might be the actual hit,” Moani said.

“Kind of have hope and pray everything will be OK, pray for families out there, because we don’t know how hard it’s going to hit,.” Quiocho said.

Hawaiian Airlines posted information on their website offering a one-time reservation change. This applies to tickets scheduled between Aug. 21 and 26. 

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