LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A North Las Vegas family’s fight to live in a safer environment continues. Last week, Shaquaiya Armstrong showed 8 News Now the black mold issues at Rose Garden Townhomes.

On Monday, Armstrong, who had been staying in a hotel, was supposed to return to a temporary unit at Rose Garden but said the unit was unacceptable.

“I did the inspection myself and I found the same thing as my unit; mold under the sink, it was smelling like swamp water,” said Armstrong. 

The property management had put Armstrong and her children in a hotel from May 5 until May 9 so that the mold problems could be taken care of in her unit. Armstrong told 8 News Now nothing was fixed.

“There is still asbestos in the walls, up and down mold all around the outside and it is getting worse,” she said.

While the 8 News Now crew was at the apartment complex, several other residents came by to explain their horrific living conditions.

Fairstead, a company based out of New York that owns the complex, said they expected all mold to be removed this week. 

The Fairstead company also said they put a regional manager and facilities manager on-site full-time to address the issues. When 8 News Now went to the leasing office to ask why Armstrong still doesn’t have a mold-free apartment, there was no answer from the staff. 

Reporter Victoria Saha: “Are you guys going to give her a new unit or why was it OK for her to be put in a new unit with mold again? This was the situation she was trying to avoid. I was told there is a full-time regional manager and facilities manager on-site to discuss this.”

A resident in the nearby office overheard the conversation and told 8 News Now there was never a manager assigned to address the issues.

When asked a second time about a regional facilities manager being on site full-time, a staff member said “the regional manager? Our regional manager is in California,” said the staff.

According to the staff they are the only ones working at the site.

Fairstead said it would have an update on the repair work. 8 News Now is waiting on that update. In the meantime, Armstrong has returned to the hotel, extending her stay.