LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– On Tuesday, Aug 9, Joan Cafflel was killed by her family’s longtime dog.

Relatives of Cafflel say ‘Buck’ was their family dog for 6 years and the 8-year-old rescue pit never showed any signs of aggression. But on Tuesday, Buck snapped.

Cafflel’s caretaker was left helpless as the vicious attack unfolded.

Cafflel and Buck were described as being close. Buck would often cuddle up next to her.

“They would be nose to nose every day on the bed right there,” said Daymon Faircloth, Cafflel’s great-grandson.

Faircloth said Cafflel had dementia. It recently got worse and she couldn’t pay much attention to Buck, he said. Eventually, caretaker Jelena Kelly stepped in to help full time.

On Tuesday morning kelly left Cafflel with Buck in the bedroom as she went to the kitchen.

“I heard like a strange noise,” said Kelly. When she returned, she witnessed Buck attacking Cafflel.

“He had her by the neck and was dragging her body to the second room.”

Kelly said she tried yelling at Buck, but nothing worked.

“At that point, he was pretty much eating her alive.”

Kelly called Cafflel’s family and 911 right away and said when police arrived they got a hold of Buck, but the damage was already done.

Cafflell was pronounced dead inside the apartment, and Buck was taken away by Las Vegas Animal Control.

Buck is at the Animal Foundation on legal hold, as the organization finishes the investigation.

The family said they do not want Buck to be euthanized.