Latino families still choose to travel to Mexico despite COVID-19 pandemic; SNHD offers guidance

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As air travel picks up, so does traveling by bus. 8 News Now found despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many Latino families in the Valley are still choosing to stick with their traditions and travel to Mexico for the summer.

Tufesa travels to many places, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Utah and Mexico. Jose Cabrera works for the company and said the coronavirus has definitely had an impact on their business.

“We remained opened, but a lot of buses did get canceled, so it was like two routes a day, maybe,” said Cabrera.

Cabrera said during the month of March, many people were choosing to go to Mexico due to the fear of what COVID-19 could bring to the Valley.

“Yes, I feel like a lot of people are not afraid of it no more, they are more out now,” noted Cabrera. “Moms, kids, dads, everbody is traveling.”

Dr. Fermin Leguen of the Southern Nevada Health District explained Mexico is a country that is considered to have widespread transmission of COVID-19. The Health District’s recommendation is still to avoid non-essential travel.

For those who do choose to travel, though, Leguen said, “The recommendation is that for this person to be in quarantine for 14 days.” This guidance applies to everyone.

He also encouraged for people to monitor signs and symptoms of the coronavirus, such as fever, cough, respiratory distress and shortness of breath.

“The important thing here, again, is not whether you travel by plane or by bus, it’s just how long is your journey,” explained Leguen.

Cabrera said his company hasn’t had any accidents or sick passengers on their buses. One of Tufesa’s main priorities is keeping the vehicles clean.

“I’m disinfecting the bus so when the passengers come, everything is clean.”

Cabrera said they are also checking every passenger’s temperature and reminding everyone to wear a mask.

“This disease is still here,” stressed Leguen. “We still have a relatively high rate of transmission.” Leguen said if you go to Mexico, stay with family and avoid public places.

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