LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In the midst of the holiday season, the search continues for families in need of baby formula.

Earlier this year, manufacturers like Abbott Nutrition recalled three types of infant formula including Similac, Alimentum, and Elecare causing a shortage.

While the supply of these products has greatly increased since the massive recall, families still continue to struggle going into the new year.

U.S Census data shows that adults in more than a third of households with infants who use formula are still having trouble finding formula as of mid-November.

Many believe the shortage is due to customers stockpiling for fear of running out again while inflation and the effect of the supply chain continue to be the main factor.

Las Vegas mom of three, Cindy Riley, said she remembers how hard it was to find products at the beginning of the year. She told 8 News Now because of that she has tried to help out others in need the best she can.

“I would buy for myself and a friend who was on formula at the same time so I ended up giving her quite a bit,” Riley said. “It seems like the purple Enfamil is still difficult to find. That was my first one to go.”

Riley also said that after the initial recall where babies were coming down with bacterial infections, it is always on her mind while feeding her six-month-old that it may happen again.

Henderson women’s care doctor, Douglas Tanita, said he handles a lot of prenatal care for those expecting mothers. This shortage is a major concern and the lack of resources has been apparent in the last couple of months.

“We do have the formula reps that come into our office and leave us formula and usually we are giving samples to our patients and then these companies want to market to these soon to be moms. But I haven’t seen a rep come to our office in a while,” Dr. Tanita said.

There is no telling how long this new baby formula shortage could last however, the FDA and manufacturers are working to increase supply.

As for resources, social media can be a great tool like on Facebook, LV Baby Formula Locator is a group you can join to help find products.