LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Video game enthusiasts will gather at Southern Nevada’s oldest bar — the Pioneer Saloon, located just 25 miles south of Las Vegas in Goodsprings.

They’re celebrating the popular video game “Fallout: New Vegas.”

The game reimagines a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas where you choose your destiny as a vigilant messenger.

The Pioneer Saloon is hosting the event all day, and it’s open to all ages. The saloon opened in 1913, and it’s featured as the “Prospector Saloon” in the game.

Notes from a game walkthrough gives an idea of the detail in the game:

“The moonshine in the rear room reachable only from the outside is part of Trudy’s sales inventory and disappears from her inventory if stolen. The presence of two fission batteries in this room is likely a reference to the recipe for moonshine later taught to the Courier by Cass. While Chet normally does not buy items stolen in Goodsprings, he will buy the moonshine,” one section says.

Organizers said if the event is a success, they plan to make it an annual attraction.