LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You will only be able to water three assigned days a week starting on Thursday, Sept. 1 when the fall watering schedule goes into effect.

While water restrictions have been in effect for years, customers in North Las Vegas will notice a change because watering groups will no longer be determined by zip code. No matter where you live in the valley, you can find your watering group at this link.

The seasonal watering schedules are part of a continuing effort to conserve water, especially as the drought continues to lead to historically low water levels in Lake Mead. Residential and commercial customers will go to a three-day-a-week assigned watering schedule until the winter schedule starts on Nov. 1 when watering drops to one assigned day a week.

There are incentive programs where homeowners are offered cash to remove their grass so they can replace it with drought-resistant plants.

“There are incentive programs that residents can take advantage of, including if you have a lawn and you take it out you can get a rebate,” said Patrick Walker, North Las Vegas public information officer.

People who violate the watering schedule can face fines ranging from $80 to $5,000 for repeat offenders. If you want to report water waste, local agencies encourage you to submit a report online at one of the links below.

Here are the hotlines for each city:

HENDERSON: 702-267-5900 or report it online
LAS VEGAS/CLARK COUNTY: 702-822-8571 or report it online
NORTH LAS VEGAS: 702-633-1216 or report it online
BOULDER CITY: Report it online