Fairy godmother judge grants adoption wishes

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A Clark County family court judge transformed herself into a fairy godmother Wednesday morning and made some dreams come true.

She granted adoption wishes to almost two dozen children on Halloween.

Judge Cynthia Giuliani, or in this case the fairy godmother judge, granted the wishes of eight different families to adopt 21 children in a very special way. 

“I’m just, it’s a dream come true. They’ve been, from the moment we met them, we knew they were to be a part of our family,” said Jenilee Lawter, adopting three children.  “You would think that Adilyn our oldest is my twin. She’s my mini-me and Malakai is Rocky’s mini-me and Bella is a mix of both of us and it’s just we mesh perfectly and we’re grateful for being able to make it official.”

The Lawters added three additional superheroes to their family clan on this special day: Adilyn, Bellatrix and Malakai.

It’s Halloween and fairy godmother judge granted the Lawters’ petition to boost their superhero powers. Judge Cynthia Giuliani explained the adoption process is difficult enough.

“These are children that come into the system from unfortunate situations and today is the day when they can dress up, they can get excited. We have goody bags. We have balloons. The attorneys dress up, the parents sometimes dress up,” said Judge Giulaini, Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court.

It’s the sixth year the judge has traded her gavel for a magic wand to make this even more special for children in Clark County.

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