LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed the largest ever fines against two passengers for alleged unruly behavior, one of which originated in Las Vegas.

The first fine being proposed is for $81,950 and involved a passenger on a July 7, American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to Charlotte, N.C.

According to the FAA, the female passenger is accused of threatening to hurt a flight attendant that offered help to the passenger after she fell into the aisle.

The passenger then pushed the flight attendant said and tried to open the cabin door. The passenger had to be restrained by two flight attendants during the incident, but repeatedly hit one of the flight attendants on the head.

After the passenger was restrained, she is reported to have spit, headbutted, bit, and attempted to kick the crew and others on board the flight. She was eventually apprehended in North Carolina.

The FAA has proposed a second fine of $77,272, which involved a female passenger on a Delta Airlines flight that originated in Las Vegas and was headed to Atlanta, Georgia on July 16.

The passenger is accused of attempting to hug and kiss another passenger seated next to her and then walked to the front of the plane to try to exit. After refusing to return to her seat, the passenger reportedly bit another passenger multiple times. The crew then had to physically restrain her.

The passengers have 30 days after receiving the FAA’s letter to respond to the agency.