Boulder City, Nev. (KLAS) — A “very old military-grade explosive device” found by children on Monday has been identified as an AN-M120 Bomb Fuse with a date of May 1944 on it, according to Boulder City police.

Experts from the Nellis Air Force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit said that the device could still be considered “live” if armed, as it was preserved in a metal container.

The children who found the device believed it was an old can of food and wanted to open it to see what was inside. Once they opened the container, they read the tag attached to the device and told their parents, police said.

Tag attached to an explosive device found by children in Boulder City, dated May 1944. (Boulder City Police Department)

The scene where the device was located near Avenue I and Nevada Way in Boulder City was evacuated and swept with detection equipment, and no other explosives or similar devices were found.