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Election Day always draws lines when it comes to casting your vote at the polls, but Nevada was one of the last states to start getting in results. The last person in Clark County voted at Rancho High School after 9 p.m., which is two hours after the polls closed.

The first numbers didn’t start rolling in until after 10 o’clock.  Election officials say it was a record turnout in Clark County for a midterm election, so that was a factor in a lot of the long lines.

Clark County officials say they will be meeting to discuss what improvements are need before the next election cycle.

The Rancho High School vote center was among a number of locations that ran out of printer paper.

“We had to service some voters with extra printers out at some of the sites but no voters were turned away,” said Joe Gloria, Registrar of Voters, Clark County.  “Everybody was allowed to vote.”

Washoe County had voters casting their ballots closer to 10 o’clock.  Results started coming in shortly after that.

No results were released earlier than that because state law states counties cannot release any numbers until all polls are closed.

“We’re going to take a look at the election when we’re all finish,” said Gloria.  “We’ll debrief and we’ll meet with all of our managers and we’ll make; we’ll definitely make improvements from now to then.” 

There were slightly more registered voters this midterm election compared to the presidential election in 2016.  Voter turnout was lower this year compared to two years ago.

But it was the highest for a non-presidential election in Clark County.

A “tremendous turn out in Clark County today,” Gloria said. “We’re very happy with the turnout that we’ve seen.”

There were about 3,000 voting machines at 172 vote centers, compared to 272 polling places in 2016.

Clark County says they consolidated some vote centers and added more machines.

“I just wished that the polling places would be a little more convenient for people,” the last voter at the Galleria Mall said.  “There may be some rules and guidelines that may be looked at and discussed and placed in other locations.”

This is the first general election that Clark County allowed voters to cast their ballot at any vote center.  A spokesperson says some locations were more popular than others, i.e. shopping malls.

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