LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – What many typically see in the desert has migrated into Las Vegas neighborhoods as people report seeing a variety of snakes.

Pest control is no stranger to taking down the deadliest of snakes ranging in size.

“Three times a snake came to our house and the last time was about two months ago,” Jean Feller said.

“We have a pretty large influx of reptiles in our backyard,” Mike Mohammednur who lives in the southwest area said.

“My neighbors have found shedding of larger snakes in their backyards too,” he added.

The desert brings all types of wildlife, but recently over at Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife a pest control service, Joseph Porter said the calls for snakes, in particular rattlesnakes have been keeping them busy.

“With all the flooding, it’s forced the rattlesnakes out of their homes and washed them down into this housing settling,” Porter shared.

From 6 inches to 6 feet, the cold-blooded reptiles range in size.

Porter said he typically finds them in warm spots on people’s property.

“I’ve seen them in people’s backyards and by their pool pumps,” Porter shared. “Also, in their garages near the hot water tank trying to stay warm.”

While most snakes want to be left alone. If approached they can bite and the outcome could be deadly for people and pets.

“Diamondback rattlesnakes and the Mojave Green are super poisonous and if they bite you, you will have to go to the emergency room,” Porter shared.

Desert Squad Pest and Wildlife, just got a call from a kindergarten school about a snake that was found on their property by the front door. It was a baby diamondback rattlesnake.

While most people fear snakes, rattlers are typically the only kind that can cause a real threat.

If seen outside of its typical environment, it’s important to get professional help right away.

It is not recommended that a person handle the snake themselves.