LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new study released by the Bureau of Reclamation projects another drop in Lake Mead’s water level.  

The report says it is now at 1,085 feet, but it could go down below 1,070 feet. That would trigger a water shortage declaration. 

Experts say the lack of snow in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is the main reason. 

Bronson Mack with the Las Vegas Valley Water District says by 2022 we be could be under that water shortage declaration. 

“As far as further restrictions go, we’re going to have to see,” said Mack. “There is certainly the potential that we could tweak a couple of conservation programs or a couple of the conservation rules just to ensure that everybody is following those rules, and we are continuing to save water, so I don’t want to say that there won’t be anything else to come cause there certainly is the potential for that.”  

 Last week’s snowpack was about 28 percent below average.